Crufts 2017 - A compilation of Russian Toy Dogs

The Russian Toy Dog, Russkiy Toy, or Russian Toy Terrier is soon to be recognised by the UK Kennel Club as a breed and as part of this prestigious honour the Russian Toy Breed Club UK (RTBCUK) was invited to take part at Crufts 2017.

We had a fantastic time at Crufts 2017 and are already looking to come back in 2018 to see everyone again. Have a look at our dogs at Crufts as well as the RTBCUK informing us all a little more about these amazing little dogs.

Crufts - Part 2

Now that the Russian Toy Dog is going to be recognised by the Kennel Club we were honoured to parade our dogs on the famous green carpet!

Crufts - Part 1

We were honoured to be invited to the Crufts Dog Show 2017 - and we had a blast. Here is a video of some of the dogs, with ours appearing at around 25 seconds!

Our dogs were on TV!

We were invited by a production company to be on ITV's "The Secret Life of Dogs" narrated by Martin Clunes! Our family (including the humans) had a great time and look forward to showing off our fantastic dogs more in the future.

Nina and Felix

A match made in heaven! The Russian Toy Dog is an inquisitive breed to say the least...