New titles received today

Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi Belarus Breed Champion and Belarus Grand Champion

Paris 11-12 01.20.jpg

Paris Dog Show Le Bourget CAC-CACIB 11 - 12 January 2020

Great news from France this weekend !!!⚡⚡⚡

Paris Dog Show CAC - CACIB!!! (11-12.01.2020)

11.01.2020 Judge: Cabon Vincent (FR)

💥VIVAPRIMA GERALDIKA💥- intermedia class, excellent, CAC, BB and Best of Breed!!!

💥Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi💥- open class, excellent, CAC, BB and Best of Opposite sex!!!

12.01.2020 Judge: Ruiz Rodriguez (FR)

💥VIVAPRIMA GERALDIKA💥- intermedia class, excellent, CAC, CACIB, BB and Best of Breed!!!

💥Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi💥- open class, excellent, CAC, CACIB,BB and Best of Opposite sex!!!

Our Dogs.jpg

Our Dogs with Ben Ashcroft / Kerst Winner Show 19

Holland Kest.jpg

Kerst Winner Show , Holland, 22 Dec 2019

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino / Interm 1exc, 2CAC , BOB, CACIB, Winner 19

Fiesta Show Russian Pride / Interm 1exc, 2CAC , BOS, CACIB, Winner 19

Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi / Open, 1exc, 2CAC , BOB, CACIB, Winner 19

Donna champion of Holland !!!

The Judge : Vytautas Baranauskas (LT)

cups France.jpg

Nantes, France 14 CAC &Nationale D'Elevage, 15 CACIB December 2019

14.12.19. NDS Nantes France

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino / Intermidia 1exc, CAC, BOB

Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi / Open, 1 exc, CAC, BOB

Judge Estru Lidie ( France)

14.12.19.Nationale D'Elevage Nantes France

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino / Intermidia 1exc, CAC

Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi / Open, 2 exc

Judge Jens Bruse ( Germany)

15.12.19. IDS Nantes France

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino / Intermidia 1exc, CAC, CACIB

Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi / Open, 1 exc, RCAC, RCACIB

Marabotto Marco ( Italy)


December 2014 new litter arrived

Sire: Fiesta Show Russian Pride & Dam: Dolgozhdannaia Udacha Kara

CACIB 23-24.11.19.JPG

23 and 24 November 2019 Minsk, Belarus

23.11.19 Judge: Vondrous Otakar (Czechia)

Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi - 1st Excellent, CAC, RCACIB

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino - 1st Excellent, CAC, BB, CACIB

24.11.19 Judge: Lokodi Scaba (Romania)

Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi - 1st Excellent, CAC, RCACIB

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino - 1st Excellent, CAC, BB, CACIB


23.11.19 Breda, Holland

holland breda.jpg

23.11.19 Breda, Holland

Thank you very much to our lovely judge Dianne Degryze

Vivaprima Geraldika - Excellent, CAC, BOB

Muzyka Dozhdya iz Beloi Rusi - Excellent, CAC, BOB

Fiesta Show Russian Pride - Excellent, CAC, BOS

Donna i Vini.jpg

Vini and Donna in Belarus 17.11.19

Republican Toy and companion dog show, Judge Leos Jancik

Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi, 1st Excellent, BB, CAC, BOS

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino, 1st Excellent, BB, CAC, BOB


Eurodogshow 16.11.2019

Great results in our kennel thanks to the judge Mr Dirk Spruyt (BE) Vivaprima Geraldika 1st Intermidia, Excellent, BB, BOB, CAC, CACIB

donna i vini nnn.jpg

My girls at Moscow IDS 03.11.19


Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi 1st OB, BB, CAC, CACIB

02.11.19 IDS “Russia -2019”


Basket of happines

Our lovely puppies are already 2 months old. They have had first vaccination and VET check.


Moscow 02-04 November 19 IDS ''Russia 2019''

Me and my girls Donna and Vini had fantastic 3 days in Moscow, Great results for our Kennel, Bringing back new titles: 2 Russian Champions, 2 RKF Champions, 1 Moscow Winner 2019 and another step closer to the Inter Champion


04.11.19 IDS ''RKF CUP 2019 '' CACIB FCI

Judge Natalya Sedyh (RU)

Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi CACIB, Ch RKF, CAC, 1st OB, excellent

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino RCACIB, CAC, 1st OB, Excellent

Picture with Vince Hogan/ Our Dogs stand


03.11.19 IDS ''RKF President's Cup 2019 '' CACIB FCI

Judje Kitty Sjond (DK)

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino 1st OB, excellent, BB, BOS, CAC, CACIB, Ch RKF,

Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi 2nd OB, Excellent, RCAC, RCACIB


02.11.19 IDS ''Russia 2019 '' CACIB FCI

Judge Jerzy Olszewski (PL)

Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi CACIB, CAC, Ch RKF, Russian Winner 2019, 1st OB, Excellent

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino RCAC, 2nd OB, excellent


Puzzle time

All my dogs like to play


26.10.19-27.10.19 CAC/CACIB Leuven - Lovanium Trofee

Thank you to our judge Csik Istvan (Germany) Great results for our kennel Ollarena: Vivaprima Geraldika/ 1Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi /1Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB Fiesta Show Russian Pride /longcoat/co ower Amanda Orchard/ 1Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS


24.10.2019 Midlands Counties

Midlands Counties Dog Show 24.10.19 Ollarena Inspired by Angel 1st in PB abd reserve BB,

DD 2019.jpg

Discover Dogs 2019 ExCel


Discover Dogs 2019

Great weekenrd at Excel London


lovely walk in Farnham

Angel russian toy.jpg

Fabulous bags

Thank you Anna Moiseeva for my new bags, great job done


Maastricht 29.09.19

Second day of International Dog Show Maastricht

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino / smooth coat/ Excelent, CAC, CACIB

Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi / long cost/Excelent, CAC, CACIB

Thank you very much to the judge R. Jacobs


Maastricht, Netherlands 28.09.19

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino and Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi at Maastricht Dog Show 😁. Thank you very much Judge Francesco Di Paolo Nuzzo(I)

Russian toy dogs uk Imp.jpg

Ollarena Impulsive Hotshot 22.09.19

At Driffield Champ Show Imp got 1st in Best Puppy Dog, 1st Special Beginner Dog and best puppy in breed

Milan & Gera.jpg

31.08.19 Natalie Toys Milan & Vivaprima Geraldika

Fantastic news, morning of 31.08.19 we had K litter born from abroad mating 3 boys and 1 girl,


18.08.2018 IDS Mechelen, Belgium

🏅Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino

1 EXC Intermediate CAC CACIB BOB

🏅Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi


Thanks to Judge Marie-Josee Melchio

Lili and Pride.jpg

01.08.19 Fiesta Show Russian Pride & Muzyka Dozhdya iz Beloi Rusi

2 lovely red sable girls was born in the evening


Leeds Championship show 27.07.19


Latvia, Ogre July 2019

Here we are back at home after our mini holiday, 5000 kilometres, 85 hours in vehicle. 🔥What an amazing weekend in Latvia! 🔥

We really enjoyed Latvian hospitality at Ogre Dog show! Fantastic 3 days!!!

💥12.07.19. FCI IX Group Speciality Dog Show

💥13.07.19 National All Breed Dog Show “Ogre Winner 2019 “

💥14.07.19 National All Breed Dog Show “Ogre Summer 2019”

So we have a new champions in our kennel

🔥🔥Vivaprima Geraldika 🔥🔥


🔥🔥Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino 🔥🔥



Baby J is 5 weeks old

IMG_6594 (1).JPG

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino

Russian Junior Champion and Belarus Junior Champion !!!

Jun Belarus vini 1.jpg

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino

Great news !!! Our Vini conqored second country, she received Belarus Junior Champion certificate

JC Vini.jpg

My lovely Vini is Russian Junior Champion

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino finaly receved her Junior Champion of Russia certificate

Vini  St.Peterburg.jpg

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino St.Peterburg, Russia, 09.06.19

Vini at the Dog show at St.Peterburg CW, CAC, BB

Gera St.Peterburg 09.06.19.jpg

Vivaprima Geraldika at St.Peterburg, Russia 09.06.19

Gera received a few titles on that day, CW, JCAC, Best Junior, BOB this is her third J.CAC, so now she is the Junior Champion of Russia

russian toy.jpg

International Dog Show Minsk Belarus 01-02 June 2019

My girls made me proud again, at International Dog Show Minsk Belarus 01-02 June 2019

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino

1 st day Best Junior, BB, BOB , JCAC, CACIB

2 nd day 1st Open, BB, BOB, CACIB

Vivaprima Geraldika ... just 2 nd day / very good


💖💖💖New Litter Letter J

I would like to introduce my little princess 💖, 11 days old, eyes opened today 😊.

Sire: Sunrise iz Beloi Rusi

Dam: Initsiativa iz Beloi Rusi

DOB 17.05.19. Weight 100 gr.

Brown&tan smooth coat

Russian Toy Milan.jpg

🏆RUSSIAN BREEDS WORLD WINNER!!!🏆 🇷🇺 Russian Toy longcoat

Fantastic News !!!!! 26.05.2019, Moscow, Russia.

Sire of my lovely 3 girls Lady, Lili and Donna and our with Amanda Orchard fab boyPride

First World Dog Show for Russian Breeds (national show for RT in 2019)!

107 RT entered (smooth coat - 39, long coat - - 68)

Natalie Toys Milan BOB


Bath 91st Championship Dod Show 27.05.19

AV Import Register Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi 1st in Open class and Reserve BB

💥Vivaprima Geraldika

Saturday 25.05.19

International Dog Show “Mazover Memorial 2019 CACIB FCI

Judge Lubov Terentjreva

💥Vivaprima Geraldika


26.05.2019, Moscow, Russia.

WOW! Another FAB day ! 26.05.2019, Moscow, Russia.

We attended the first World Dog Show for Russian Breeds (national show for RT in 2019)!

107 RT entered (smooth coat - 39, long coat - - 68)

Our girls Vivaprima Geraldika 4th place from 7 dogs in junior

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino 2nd place from 4 dogs in Intermedia

gera medalka i ja.jpg

Gera Received 2 Junior CAC in Moscow

Only one step to be Russian Junior Champion


Amazing Day at Moscow

WOW! What a day it was! 25.05.2019, Moscow, Russia.

Amazing day !!!!

Vivaprima Geraldika 1st/4 Junior , Moscow Winner, Junior Champion of RKF

Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino 5th /7 Open class


At the DogFest Hertfordshire,

Lady and Vini all eyes and ears at Noel Fitzpartric


DogFest Hertfordshire

My Hero


DogFest Hertfordshire 11.05.19

Lady had a cuddle with Clare Balding


Lovely day at DogFest Hertfordshire,

We met there Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, Clare Balding and lots of different dogs


10.05.19 National Dog Show AV Import Register (Utility&Toy) Judge Mr Keith AW Young

Our Results from the day: Las Vegas 1st LD, Gera reserve in JB, Vini 2nd in PGB, Lili 2nd in OB Donna 1st in LB and Reserve BB,


Great Day at National Dog Show 10.05.19 Utility&Toy

Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi 1st in LB and Reserve BB


South Eastern Counties Toy Dog Society Open show 04.05.19

Our results: Gera -1st Junior, Vini 1st PG and reserve Best Import, Lili 1st in Open and Best import register. Judge Mrs G Saffer


Our wall from 01.04.18 to today


A few rosetts after one year showing


WELKS AV import 26.04.19

Pride , First in PD, Best puppy, Reserve best dog


WELKS 26.04.19

4 second places Las Vegas OB, Gera JB, Vini PGB, Donna OB plus reserve BB


Our puppies from litter I , growing fast, mummy Angel doing great job


UK toy 30.03.19 Pride

Fiesta Show Russian Pride (jointly owned with I Amanda Orchard) 1st PD, Res Best Dog and Best Puppy Import under Judge Margaret Mallows.


UK Toy 30.03.19

WOW what a day at UK Toy - Vivaprima Geraldika 1st PB, Fiesta Show Russian Pride (jointly owned with Amanda Orchard) 1st PD, Res Best Dog and Best Puppy Import, Yaroslavskiy Dar Terpkoe Vino 1st JB, Muzika Dozhdya iz Beloi Rusi 2nd PGB and Fiesta Show Melodiya Leta 2nd OB under Judge Margaret Mallows.

russian toy dogs Ollarena.jpg

Another exsiting news at our kennel !!!

13.03.19 new litter was born from my lovely girl Angel/ Veronika Style Novaja Volna and Atos/ Lilac Elf Graf De La Fer

3 aij.jpg

Russian Toy Breed Stand 2019 at DD

3 dogs.jpg

Last day 10.03.19 Sunday waiting for our ring


Rrimadonna iz Beloi Rusi

Another amazing dog in my pack is Donna, thank you very much her breeder from Belarus Aleksandra Rogovich trusting me with that little diamond , she was placed 3rd in POB

amanda pr au.jpg

Pre Crufts , all New breeds at foto shoot


Fiesta Show Melodiya Leta

Lady is such a lovely dog, first she worked with me for 3 days at DD Stand than on 4th day she was placed second in Post Graduate Bitch, wery pleased with her, thank you her breeder Tatyana Korshunova for allowing us to have Lady and Pride in UK


Fiesta Show Russian Pride

Our lovely Pride made us proud at the Crufts 2019 !!! He won 1st puppy, than Best Puppy, own by me and Amanda Orchard

Donna Lady.jpg

Crufts 2019

My two girls Donna 3rd POB and Lady 2nd POB. Thank you very much Yury Gorbachick for handling Fiesta Show Melodiya Leta for me

stand gils.jpg

DD 2019


Working at the RT's stand Crufts 2019 Discover Dogs


RKF DD 2019

President of RKF Mr Vladimir Golubev and our RT's breed stand team

rkf rt stand.jpg

DD 2019

We had very important guest to our Russian Toy breed stand, president of RKF ( Russian Kynological Federation) Mr Vladimir Golubev

me and team.jpg

Discover Dogs 2019

Wow, fantastic 4 days at DD Birmingham 2019


Vivaprima Geraldika

On 16.02.19 Maidenhead & District Canine Society my Gera received 1st in puppy and Reserve Best AV Import Breed Register - I am very happy


East Kent Canine Society 03.02.19


Angel is playing in the snow 22.01.19


Fiesta Show Russian Pride at Boston Champ 06.01.19

Pride did us proud again,

1st PD, Best Puppy, Best Dog and Best Opp Sex Thank you judge Brian Rix


Boston Champ Show 06.01.19

Good day to start New Year AV Import Toy:

Myzika Dozhdya iz Beloi Rusi 1st JB, Fiesta Show Melodiya Leta 1st PGB

Initsiativa iz Beloi Rusi 3rd OB Thank you to judge Brian Rix


Thank you, Father Christmas for lovely present!!!


Great Day at LKA

15.12.18 Fantastic day we had at LKA ! On to the Import Reg with Fiesta Show Russian Pride owned by Amanda and myself at his first Champ show winning Puppy dog. Having four groups in together is an almost impossible task for a judge - it was very much a little and large show today with the larger breeds coming out on top. All the RT's shown today did a great job.


In Yekaterinburg on the dog show I meat fub boy Liniya Udachi Fantastic


My trip to Russia December 2018

This winter I had such a great time in Russia, attended 3 seminars and 2 dog shows

In Yekaterinburg I went to the dog show and 2 fantastic seminars one Breed anatomy, biomechanics and movement and second Reproduction of dogs.

In Yaroslavl dog show with 35 fantastic Russian Toys, next day we had Practical seminar.

Very cold but I head fantastic time: friendly people, beautiful dogs, amazing cities, yummy food


Puppies nearly 3 month

One black and tan boy still available, great temperament,

Lili and Dolly.jpg

Lili and Dolly at DD 2018


DD 2018

Russian Toy 171

play pen.jpg

Our dogs enjoying pool of balls

Little and Large.jpg

Discover Dogs Cuddle Corner / Large and Little

rt 171.jpg

Discover Dogs 2018

Great days at Discover Dogs - So very proud of all the RT's who behaved impeccability with the crowds, extreme noise (we were by main ring) and the endless cuddles and photo's . ( Picture taken before open time)


Our Angel in advert at The Kennel Club


DD 20th & 21th October 2018 our Russian Toys will be there

London's Biggest Dog Event ExCeL London - 20th & 21st October

Meet hundreds of dogs, chat to owners, discover great range of shops and watch world-class displays and competitions. A great day out for the whole family!

russian toy dogs uk Ollarena Lady.jpg

SWKA 06.10.2018

at the South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show 2018

Fiesta Show Melodiya Leta 1 st in Junior class, and reserve best bitch


South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show 2018

My lovey Team Ollarena had good day at the SWKA

Fiesta Show Melodiya Leta 1 st in Junior class, and reserve best bitch Dolgozhdannaia Udacha Kara 2 nd in PGB Veronika Style Novaya Volna 2 nd in OB

Thank you Judge : Paul Harding


Clacton -on -Sea 29.09.18


Barking Canine Club 29.09.2018

Great Day at Barking Canine Club, girls made me proud today: AV Import BR Judge: Mike Beater 💥thank you 💥

Lili 1st Junior

Angel 1st Open and reserve best of breed, Kara 1st Limit, Best of Breed and Group 4

Thank you very much judge 💥Tony Allcock

Darlington 16.09.18.jpg

Well done my team again Las Vegas, Donna, Lili and Kara

Kara 16.09.18.jpg

Darlington Championship show 16.09.18 Kara

Donna 26.08.18.jpg

Primadonna iz Beloi Rusi

Angel  26.08.18.jpg

My beautiful Angel / Veronika Style New Wave


On the way back from Edinburgh went to the sea side with dogs


Lady and Ruby helping


One of remarkable Kennels of the Bow Wow Haus London project is by Russian for dogs Ruby and Lady were helping

Richmond Ollarena.jpg

Another Show, Ollarena team great results


Fantastic Day at City of Birmingham Champ Show


The Scottish Kennel Club 26.08.18

angel & Axel.jpg

At Edinburgh we meet Alex Angel's puppy

pups ollarena.jpg

First litter of smooth coat puppies at our kennel 11.08.18


Lovely day at Paignton Champ Show 07.08.18


My girls at Fun Day

newmarket Russian toy.jpg

Donna, Lady and Kara

Another good day at Newmarket & District Canine Society open show 10.06.18


Lady at Bath Champ Show

Bath Champ show 25.05.18 Fiesta Show Melodiya Leta/ Lady AV import register breeds 1st in Special Beginner Bitch, Best Puppy, 1st in Junior Bitch, Reserve Best of sex in Breed, Group 2 in Special Beginers (9 dogs) My little star of the day Lady


Atos at Bath Champ Show

25.05.18 Lilac Elf Graf De LA Fer / Atos Best Of Breed !!!


25.05.18 Bath Champ Show

Bath Canine Society Championship Show 25.05.18 AV Import Register Breeds I am very pleased with our results: Atos, Angel, Las Vegas and Lady - all qualified for Crufts 2019

rt 1.jpg

Ollarena Fabulous Baker Boy

First puppy left yesterday. Long journey but Ollarena Fabulous Baker Boy/ Axel arrived to his new home in Scotland, Edinburgh


Marlborough Open Show 07.05.18

We had a nice day at Marlborough Open Show, there was 10 Russian Toys for Judge Rachel Surman (Vallender). Lilac Elf Graf De La Fer/ 1st in Open, Ollarena Beau Ruby 2nd in Post Graduate. Best Puppy Import (Toy) Muzyka Dozhdya Iz Beloi Rusi/


WELKS show 29.04.18

Very pleased with our results at WELKS Championship show 29.04.18 Lilac Elf Graf De La Fer / Atos

22.04.18 SWEssexCA  Kara.jpg

Our first Show 22.04.18

My first show with the Russian Toy in the UK, South West Canine Assoc Show and what a fabulous day we all had. In the AV Import Register classes , Dolgozhdannaia Udacha Kara was 1st in Junior and 1st in Open, Best Import Reg and then we went into the Toy Group and Kara was Toy Group 4

DD 2018 Lady.jpg

Crufts DD 2018

Dolly, Lady, Boss

dd 2018 Luka.jpg

DD Crufts 2018

Luka russian toy

DD 2018 Lily.jpg

Crufts DD 2018

Rewarding day at Crufts with Russian Toy on Discover Dogs - the breed stand had visitors from 8am to 5:30 pm -all the dogs great ambassadors for the breed

Crufts DD 2018.jpg

Crufts DD 08.03.18-11.03.18

Great time at Crufts Discover Dogs, lovely coments about our dogs


Crufts 08.03.18 - 11.03.18

The Russian Toy will be at Discover Dogs each day of Crufts. Do come along to see our lovely dogs and say hello,


We had a new litter born on 09.02.18

Olli and Angel 3 boys and 1 girl


Handsome Luka from our first litter


All our dogs registred with The Kennel Club now


New bag for dogs arrived from Ukraine


Great time I had in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Seminar about Russian Toys 09.12.17


We have addition to our team, 2 lovely girls from Belarus


19.11.17 Fantastic news !!!

Three little puppies was born. First Black& tan girl was born in in our kennel !!!

Little and Big.JPG

Little and Large / Russian Toy and Black Russian Terrier

Deerhounds & Las.JPG

Las Vegas meeting with Deerhounds at Discover Dogs


Angel at Discover Dogs / Pink Carpet !!!


Great time at Discover Dogs 21& 22 October


Dartarnjan of Ollarena, Our boy two months now

London's Biggest Dog Event

Very exiting news for the Russian Toy Breed !!! This year we will be at Discover Dogs at the ExCeL in London on the 21st and 22nd October 2017. You can come and see our Russian Toy dogs

winter coming.jpg

Initsiativa iz Beloi Rusi or just Inti,

Dartanjan of Ollarena.jpg

Our baby boy is one months old 15.09.17

Fun day.jpg

Meet the Toy Breed Picnic and Fun day,

Saturday 29th July meet the Russian Toy's


Frensham Great Pond

Fantastic day, lovely company for walking

little princess.jpg

Little princess Inti

Olli Just Ange RT 3.jpg

Happy Birthday Olli !!! 3 years old today 27.06.17

russian toy smooth coat Ollarena.png

Great news!

Ollarena happy to announce, that our first smooth coat Russian Toys arrived from Belarus, Minsk

Russian Toy Dogs UK Ollarena Atos.jpg

Atos is 3 years old today ! Happy Birthday !!! 26.05.17

Ollarena Coco La Belle russian toy dogs uk.jpg

Ollarena Coco La Belle 12 month

Piter russiantoy dogs uk ollarena.jpg

Czar Piter The Great

Happy Birthday !!! One year today !!! 16.05.2017

Ollarena Charlie The Ace/ Jasper

Ollarena Cody Boo/ Cody

Ollarena Czar Piter The Great / Piter

Ollarena Coco La Belle / Coco

russiantoydogsuk baby girl.jpg

Smooth coat Russian toy

June 2017

russiantoydogsuk  Las Vegas.jpg

Great news in our kennel !

We are especting new members to join Ollarena in June 2017 . First smooth coat russian toy in our kennel.

Iveta's doggies51 - Copy (2).JPG

Lolas Birthday 19/03/2017

She is 3 years old


We're Famous!

Our dogs were featured on the official Crufts Facebook page! Why not have a look at our little stars by clicking here.

Supervet and RT.jpg

One of my heroes, professor Noel Fitzpatrick at Crufts

Beau Ruby Ollarena at Crufts 2017.jpg

My dream come true Russian Toy's at Crufts!!!!!!!

The UK Russian Toys Parade at Crufts 2017

Ollarena Beau Ruby

daily mail.jpg

Lovely article in 05/03/2017

Toy breed loved by Russian nobility wins Crufts pedigree

The Russian Toy will join the Imported Breed Register on July 1 and are set to feature at Crufts in a special parade next Friday. The small dogs were once a…


Sunday Telehraph.jpg

Thank you to the Sunday Telegraph for a fabulous article 05/03/2017

Dog who fell foul of the Russian Revolution wins Crufts seal of approval after coming back into favour

Pampered and preened by their privileged owners, these were the dogs to be seen with on the streets of Moscow and Petrograd - the must have pet for…



Secret Life of Dogs

My two little stars appear on TV programme Secret Life of Dogs. Have a look at the video right here!

Russian toy dogs UK.jpg


New Breed – Russian Toy

The Russian Toy will be recognised by the Kennel Club with effect from 1st July 2017. The breed will be classified in the Toy Group on the Imported Breed Register.

The breed, as its name suggests, is a type of toy dog developed in Russia in the twentieth century. It comes in two coat types, smooth and long-haired, and has had an FCI breed standard since 2006. A Kennel Club breed standard is being developed and, when this is published, the breed will be able to be entered at Kennel Club licensed shows.

The Kennel Club now recognises 218 breeds of dog.

Nina russian toy dogs UK...jpg

Happy Birthday to my lovely Nina !

15/01/2017 Today she is 3 years old !!!



Great time! Thank you to Gerard O'Shea for sharing your knowledge and experience. December 2016

russian toys.jpg

Lovely walk in Great Wood

Czar  Russian Toy dogs Ollarena.jpg

Czar Piter The Great moved out today 28/08/2016

I am sad and happy today. Sad as this is our last puppy gone, but at the same time happy , as he has such a lovely new family with a young girl as an owner


Last day together with brother, as penultimate puppy gone to a new lovely owner 14/08/2016


Cody with a new family 01/08/2016

Ollarena Coco La Belle  and her new friends.JPG

Ollarena Coco La Belle with new friends

Lovely new family

Russian toy dogs uk.JPG

Ollarena Coco La Belle 25.07.2016

Our little girl moved out today to her lovely new family

Roxy on the chair - Copy.jpg

One year old today, Happy Birthday to ROXY 21 June 2016


Ollarena Ruby will be 5 month on 16.07.16

She's quite the young lady now!!!


Birthday Boy!!!

Olli Just Angel 2 years old today 27.06.16


Great Weekend

DogFest Windsor 2016

DogFest Windsor 2016



I can spend all day looking at this little precious puppy

Puppies 18 days old

Toy Breed Picnic.jpg

I Can't wait to meet new friends at Meet the Toy Breed Picnic


Luka Russian toy dogs UK .jpg

Great surprise to see Julie and Luka as at the Dog Show on saturday

He is such a handsome boy !!!

Roxy  RussianToy dogs UK.jpg

Roxy at Companion Dog Show

Chiveley, Berkshire 21st May 2016 Companion Dog Show


Lovely little puppies were born on 16.05.16

3 boys and 1 girl

Roxy at work RussianToy dogs UK.jpg

My helper at work

Roxy has some special office skills


Everyone need a Beauty sleep!

Lola having an afternoon nap


Enjoying the SUN

Ruby russian toy dogs.jpg

Sunny day 28/04/2016

Puppies 10 weeks old, first steps in the garden

Luka Russian toy dogs London.jpg

Luka 6 month old, 30.03.2016

Julie send picture of Luka, Very handsom boy!!!!

Boy and girl.jpg

Puppies looking for the best mums and dads

russian toy dogs Great Wood UK.jpg

Russian toy dogs in Great Wood on 25/03/2016

Lovely walk with friends and dogs !!!!

russian toy dogs london.jpg


My first Russian Toy trio

russian toy dog.jpg


Lovely Nina had 2 puppies in February


Evie 17.01.2016

Today I received new picture of Evie, she is 3.5 month now


Happy Birthday to Nina ! 15.01.2016

She is two years old today !


Christmas Presents for my Dogs

Every dog received new puzzle for Christmas


Maple Ollarena gone to Stephanie & Richard

Last baby girl gone to Stephanie & Richard

Luka   30.09.15.jpg

Puppies found new home

Christmas and New Year will be very quiet, as all our puppies gone to new loving homes.

Luka settled with Julie, and new 4 legged friend Tyson

chris evans.jpg

TFI Friday

On Friday 11 December we were invited for a TV show as the producer was looking for cute pets. Maple Ollarena had her fist TV appearance on TFI Friday. Her brother Lokki Ollarena had a picture taken with Chris Evans !!!


Ollarena is now Open!

Ollarena is now open, with our first littler now for sale. You can find out more about our puppies in the current litter page - which can be found here. We have our litters on Gumtree and Pets 4 Home, but we only have two of the four puppies left for reservation - with two already going off to loving homes.

Contact us today to find out more about the Russian Toy Dog and our puppies!