"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole" - Roger Caras


Welcome to Ollarena

We would like to welcome you to our website dedicated to our wonderful Russian Toy Dogs and we hope that you learn about the beauty of this fantastic breed, and maybe find a new friend in one of our litters.

We are independent, specialist breeders based in North London who breed the wonderful Russian Toy Dogs (also known as Russkiy Toys, Русский той, or Russian Toy Terriers). These dogs are similar in size to the well-known Chihuahua and was bred to be a hunter as well as a watchdog - being one of the smallest breeds in the world doesn't stop these dogs! They’re famous in Russia for being a dog that is friendly and can become very attached to their packs.

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These dogs are cheerful, energetic, and always certainly on the lookout for playtime. They’re as happy chasing a tennis ball as they are settling down with their pack in front of the TV. They can be a little bit cautious with strangers as a result of the watch dog qualities - this doesn't stop them from being incredibly loyal and loving to their owners!

Even the cat approves...

We have years of experience in owning Russian Toy Dogs, are Russian-speaking, and work closely with the Russian Toy Breed Club UK to ensure the breed standard is maintained and that the public are educated on these fantastic little pups.

When properly socialised and trained we believe that there is simply no better breed of this size. Explore the Ollarena more to discover all about the breed, our dogs, and our new projects as breeding and dog showing.

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